Floyd Extends 'Micro' Part Turning

1 November 2018

Floyd Extends 'Micro' Part Turning

The latest development in precision, stable sub-spindle clamping of small workpieces from Floyd Automatic Tooling has been the MASA Microconic precision workholding system introduced in 2017. Now, the impressive MASA system has been expanded with new additions launched at the recent IMTS Chicago and AMB Stuttgart exhibitions.

To truly understand the MASA Microconic revolution, manufacturers must consider that only three things are in physical contact with the workpiece during production - the cutting tool, coolant/cutting fluid and the workholding. The limitations of traditional collet systems are so firmly ingrained in the experience of most machinists that they consider them as part of the process rather than an obstacle. Every force applied by every cutting tool must be accurately countered by the workholding.

The remarkable Microconic workholding system consists of a cartridge and precision collet. The collet fits inside the cartridge and accurately adjusted before it is fitted directly into the existing collet sleeve. No machine adaptations are required and this didn’t go unnoticed at the recent Star and Citizen Open House Events where visitors were once again suitably impressed.

Available with clamping diameters from 0.2mm to 10mm, the collets can clamp the most fragile of parts with precision. With a concentricity level between 3 to 5 microns, the MASA Microconic System is ideal for sliding head lathes like Tornos, Citizen, Star. Until now, the system was only available for F20 and F25 style collets. Now, MASA has extended this line-up to add the new F37 (1536E) cartridge for 32mm diameter capacity machine tools. This has also been joined by the new F20-201 (136E) system that is specific to Tornos machine tools.

The Microconic cartridge system from Floyd Automatic incorporates a solid extended nose that is extremely rigid and robust for impeccable precision, repeatability and concentricity. Uniquely, the new device has the facility for micron-adjustment of the collet closure, ensuring that even the most fragile of components can be securely clamped. To confirm precision levels, the hardened and ground cartridges can be used as gauges to verify machine spindle accuracy.
The Microconic system also includes ‘over clamping’ collets. (i.e. to clamp behind a shoulder). The cartridge/collet combination can accommodate openings* beyond 4mm larger than the clamping diameter. This flexibility can give the production engineer the possibility machine the part the other way around which can often help improve cycle times significantly.
(*Depending on the application)

As the most accurate workholding collets for the micro-machining industry, the MASA Microconic collets are available in 0.05mm increments from 0.22mm up to 10mm diameter. Each collet has a nominal clamping range from 0.05 to 0.1mm depending upon the chosen collet diameter. With regard to the over-grip collets, the nominal clamping diameter starts at 0.5mm with a maximum clamping diameter of 7.20mm. Fatigue tested to over 250,000 full-load cycles, the over-grip collets include a part-ejection guide sleeve blank. For more details on this exciting new development for small part clamping, please contact Floyd Automatic Tooling.

Floyd Extends 'Micro' Part Turning Floyd Extends 'Micro' Part Turning

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