Freddy Gives Micro+ World Premiere at MACH

10 February 2018

Freddy Gives Micro+ World Premiere at MACH

Freddy Products will return to MACH in 2018 announcing the launch of its latest member of the Freddy Coolant Recycling Vacuum family, the Micro+. On Stand H19-108 at the Birmingham NEC from the 9th to 13th April, Freddy Products will be giving a world premiere to the Micro+, which will be shown alongside a selection of the industry-leading coolant recycling vacuums, swarf vacuums and centrifuges.

Not only the industry benchmark but also a proud UK manufacturer with a prestigious history; Freddy Products will introduce the Micro+ at MACH, an evolution of the very successful Micro that was launched in 2017. The new Micro+ is lighter, more mobile, and more cost-effective and it offers greater versatility than any other system on the market.
The new Freddy Micro+ has a remarkably small footprint, a 50-litre capacity, outstanding versatility and a lightweight design. The innovative design is complemented by castors that give the end user unparalleled mobility, flexibility and ease-of-use. Unlike many alternate systems, the Micro+ doesn’t use fragile and often unreliable submersible pumps that take up valuable tank capacity and make it incredibly difficult to thoroughly clean.

This gives the new machine the ability to take on heavily contaminated liquids without damaging parts or machinery that the Micro Plus comes into contact with. The airflow is switched from vacuum to a pressurised flow and this forces collected liquids out of the holding tank. For the customer, this means you can now recycle and clean 50 litres of coolant through the Micro Plus and return the fluid to the sump of the machine tool in less than 60 seconds. This astounding speed is credit to the new valve design that lets the machine pump fluid efficiently from machine tools rather than use a gravity drain that is commonplace on competitor units of comparable capacity. This makes the Freddy Micro Plus the ideal solution for smaller businesses and subcontract machine shops that may be limited on space and storage capacity.

The extremely compact and robust new powerhouse incorporates a 2kw motor that efficiently pumps fluid and residue into barrels; IBC’s and even overhead storage tanks. With the option of either a 240v or 110v power source, the motor can generate an airflow rate of 3000m3/hr with a water in-flow rate of 238 litres per minute and an outflow rate of 100 litres per minute.

Like other models in the extensive Freddy Products range, the Micro+ recycles fluids and coolant through a filter bag. Depending upon the customer applications and requirements, Freddy engineers can provide the ideal fit for your business with filter bags from 1000µm down to 5µm to ensure that even the finest of particulate and contaminants are captured.

The new Freddy Products Micro+ is supplied with a 38mm hose and gulper as standard and customers have the option to upgrade to a 51mm hose if required. This cost-effective entry point for coolant recovery will be shown at MACH for the first time alongside some of the industries most reliable, cost effective, efficient and respected brands in the marketplace. For more information on the Micro+ or any of the other coolant recovery, swarf vacuum, tramp oil separators or centrifuge systems in the Freddy Products range, come and visit us on Stand H19-108 at the MACH event in April.

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