Irregular Surface Drilling is a Formality With New Rainford Precision Drills

10 May 2018

Irregular Surface Drilling is a Formality With New Rainford Precision Drills

Rainford Precision has now extended its already impressive drilling range with the arrival of the new UTDF 2-fluted carbide coated flat bottom drilling line from Union Tool. The flat-bottomed drilling range has been added to the Rainford Precision armoury to provide a drilling solution for angular, radial and other irregular surfaces.

The impressive new solid carbide drilling range is available in diameters from 2mm to 12mm with plus sizes offered for drilling pre-thread holes for M4, M6, M8, M10 and M12 threads. As with all tools from the Union Tool brand, the new UTDF drills are manufactured from a high-quality solid carbide composition with a precision ground shank and Union Tool’s latest generation coating technology that extends tool life and performance.

Added to this, the new UTDF drills have a flat-land and 30 degree helix angle that combine to provide a robust geometry design that generates exceptional chip removal and stability. This results in highly-efficient drilling cycles and prolonged tool life on a range of materials that includes alloyed, structural, pre-hardened and carbon steels as well as cast iron and aluminium alloys.

The new UTDF drills have also been developed with an innovative web-thinning design and double margin that both enhance performance with regard to swarf evacuation, edge sharpness and stability. Depending upon selected diameter sizes, the UTDF drills have an overall length from 50 mm to 100 mm and flute lengths from 8 mm to 48 mm. For more information on the performance characteristics of these exciting new drills, please contact Rainford Precision.

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