MACH 2018 Marks a New Era in UK CAM Software

23 April 2018

MACH 2018 Marks a New Era in UK CAM Software

MACH 2018 started in spectacular fashion for OPEN MIND Technologies with the CAM specialist selling three seats of hyperMILL CAM software in the first two days, an additional four by the end of the show and another three in the week after MACH. Located at the entrance to Hall 17, the prime position yielded an unprecedented level of enquiries and sales.

Four of the seats were sold to prestigious subcontract manufacturers whilst another seat was sold to Iver based Newmax Precision. The Buckinghamshire aerospace and defense manufacturer is taking delivery of its first 5-axis machining centre in July, a Matsuura MX330. Realising its existing CAM software will not deliver the 5-axis machining strategies to drive the Matsuura, Newmax Precision Director Mr Adrian Bundy visited MACH to buy a seat of 5-axis CAM software. hyperMILL was the preferred choice.

For engineers looking for a paradigm shift in turning strategies, OPEN MIND had the answer here too. The new Vandurit rollFEED® turning system is a collaboration between Vandurit and OPEN MIND that now offers an exclusive hyperMILL® CAM strategy to match the groundbreaking roll turning development. This collaboration introduces a new solution for CNC turning that increases process reliability and significantly reduces machining times and tool-wear by up to a staggering 90%.

A New Era in UK CAM

Commenting upon OPEN MIND Technologies performance at MACH, Sales Director Mr Ken Baldwin says: “We had a couple of hundred leads from MACH and we did countless demonstrations. We were phenomenally busy throughout the week and at times the interest level was quite overwhelming. Compared to MACH 2016, it is evident that the OPEN MIND brand has really grown and there is a huge swing in the industry from other CAM vendors to hyperMILL. There were very few ‘casual’ walk-on visitors at MACH; everyone that approached us was a serious buyer that was seeking us out.

“We were also really pleased that the MTA had grouped all the CAM suppliers close to each other as our stand and the demonstration parts were really eye-catching and that made our technology instantly appeal to visitors. This was supplemented by some very impressive demonstration parts on the Mazak, DMG Mori, XYZ and FANUC stands that were all applying hyperMILL to highlight the capabilities of their machines through our software.”

“We have qualified all our leads and there is no stereotypical customer. Our enquiries vary from OEM’s to subcontractors, from 3-axis machinists and first time 5-axis companies through to established high-end complex component manufacturers. Likewise, the enquiries for hyperMILL ranged from the most basic packages through to the latest hyperMILL® VIRTUAL Machining Center package and the Vandurit rollFEED® turning system. MACH 2018 demonstrated that OPEN MIND is the 5-axis CAM vendor of choice, something our team and our customers have long recognised.”

MACH 2018 Marks a New Era in UK CAM Software MACH 2018 Marks a New Era in UK CAM Software

Pulse PR has consistently provided a first class service to ITC. With their help we have maintained a high profile and have received excellent exposure through regular press releases and a well organised advertising campaign.

Peter Graves, Managing Director, ITC Ltd