Nederman Keeps Welding Fume Under Control 24/7

19 October 2017

Nederman Keeps Welding Fume Under Control 24/7

The world’s leading manufacturer of industrial air filtration technology recently used the Schweissen und Schneiden (Welding & Cutting) exhibition in Düsseldorf to introduce its new ‘at-source’ extraction technology for the welding industry. The new Fume Eliminator 24/7 from Nederman is a high vacuum mobile extraction unit specifically designed for extracting welding fume twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Nederman acted on feedback from customers which indicated that whilst the existing Fume Eliminator is a popular product it is only suitable for occasional welding and not continuous use, and that there was a need in the market for a continuously rated mobile unit. Hence the need for the Fume Eliminator 24/7.

Capture of welding fume at the source before it enters the welder’s breathing zone is often achieved using self-supporting moveable hoods, but these hoods can require frequent repositioning. An alternative method for continuous wire welding processes is the use of on-torch fume extraction. Nederman now takes on-torch fume extraction innovation to a new level with the Fume Eliminator 24/7. Available in two variants, the FE24/7 1.5 has a 1.5KW side channel fan and is suitable for a single welding torch or nozzle, whereas the FE24/7 2.5 houses a larger 2.5KW fan and can provide on-torch extraction from two welders simultaneously.

The air flow can easily be adjusted to a maximum rate of 190m3/hour for the 1.5KW unit and up to 270m3/hour for the more powerful 2.5KW version. This ensures the FE24/7 can meet the demands of most welding applications, improving productivity and enhancing energy efficiency in the process. The primary objective of Nederman is to create a safe working environment with high production efficiency and the new automatic filter cleaning facility on the FE24/7 corresponds with this philosophy. The new automatic filter cleaning technology in the FE24/7 ensures remarkably long filter life with low operating costs whilst an integrated spark trap protects the FE24/7 from sparks and minimizes the risk of damage to the filter cartridge.

Filtered air can be re-circulated from the FE24/7 even when particulate is from high alloy steel (EN 15012) and other challenging materials. The smaller FE24/7 1.5 operates with a 230V 50Hz single phase power supply that generates a vacuum of up to 35kPa. The slightly larger FE24/7 2.5 requires a 400V 50Hz 3-phase power supply to generate a vacuum of up to 37.5kPa.

The Class W3 (certification pending) FE24/7 is a fully mobile unit, with the FE24/7 1.5 and the FE24/7 2.5 weighing in at a reassuringly robust yet manoeuvrable 42kg and 59kg respectively. To further enhance ease-of-use, the manual start/stop FE24/7 is also offered with an optional automatic stop facility that fits with Nederman’s energy efficiency philosophy. With a mission to protect People, Planet and Production from the harmful effects of industrial processes, the Fume Eliminator 24/7 is yet another product which can site proudly within the Nederman product portfolio. To find out more contact Nederman.

Nederman Keeps Welding Fume Under Control 24/7

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