OPEN MIND To Show Turning innovations at MACH

15 January 2018

OPEN MIND To Show Turning innovations at MACH

hyperMILL® has long demonstrated its position as the benchmark in high-performance CAD/CAM machining solutions and at MACH 2018, the industry-leading CAM vendor will turn its attention to enhancing productivity by up to 90% for turned part manufacturers.

On Stand H17-620, MACH 2018 will see a UK exhibition premiere for hyperMILL Version 2018.2. OPEN MIND will be presenting hyperMILL® VIRTUAL Machining, re-affirming the benchmark position of hyperMILL® MAXX Machining the performance package that can reduce cycle times by up to 90%; and the CAM solution will see the inclusion of the Vandurit rollFEED® turning system.

Working in collaboration with tool manufacturer Vandurit, OPEN MIND now offers an exclusive hyperMILL® CAM strategy to match the turning development. This collaboration introduces a new solution for CNC turning that increases process reliability and significantly reduces machining times and tool-wear by up to a staggering 90%. These themes are all commonplace benefits in the evolution of the hyperMILL® CAM system.

The efficient rollFEED® turning strategy in hyperMILL® generates flawless workpiece contours that can be achieved in no time at all. As a 3-axis machining strategy, rollFEED® turning makes it possible for the entire contour of the cutting edge to roll-off rotationally symmetric surfaces of any shape. The cutting movement is produced by a horizontal swivelling of the B-axis with simultaneous compensation for the X and Z-axes. This means that grooves can be machined with a single tool in a single movement.

The CAM strategy automatically guides the tool from the first to the second plane level via the cylinder face. Through the combination of roll and turn movements, workpieces with everything from small to large radii can be machined with complete collision checking. This makes for full process reliability. The hyperMILL® rollFEED® turning strategy is perfectly matched to Vandurit’s three rollFEED® components, cutting inserts, tool system and drive unit. The drive unit compatibility also makes it possible for Vandurit to refit lathes that do not feature a third axis.

For the end user, the Vandurit system is suitable for turning plane and cylindrical surfaces, concave and convex faces as well as grooves and inclinations with massive cycle time reductions. Suitable for internal and external turning, the rollFEED® system can machine all material types and it only requires two different insert geometries. The reliable and stable process can reduce cycle times by 90%, reduce tool consumption and costs by 90%, all whilst guaranteeing 100% process reliability.

For more details on how you can reduce both your machining cycle times and turning production times by upwards of 90%, make sure you visit Stand H17-620 at MACH 2018 at the Birmingham NEC from April 9th to 13th 2018.

OPEN MIND To Show Turning innovations at MACH OPEN MIND To Show Turning innovations at MACH

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