OPEN MIND & WNT Announce 5-axis Event at AMRC

24 June 2017

OPEN MIND & WNT Announce 5-axis Event at AMRC

As the industry benchmark in 5-axis CAD/CAM and cutting tool solutions respectively, OPEN MIND Technologies and WNT tooling will be hosting a series of 5-axis technical presentations at the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) with Boeing. On the 26th and 27th September, the two AMRC Tier 1 members will provide a master-class on how to maximize productivity through innovative 5-axis CAM strategies that can only be optimised through groundbreaking cutting tool innovations.

The collaboration between OPEN MIND and WNT will introduce manufacturers to new methodologies and strategies that will show how the synergy between CAM software and cutting tools can generate cycle time improvements, increased material removal rates and tool life savings beyond 90%. All this can be achieved whilst reducing the load on the machine spindle and improving surface finishes considerably. The technical seminars from both OPEN MIND and WNT will demonstrate how such drastic improvements can be obtained. Following the theoretical seminar program, a Hermle C52 5-axis machining centre tooled by WNT and programmed with hyperMILL will deliver practical examples.

As well as the mind bending approach to 5-axis machining strategies being on show, the Rotherham event will be an opportunity for manufacturers to discover the latest innovations in OPEN MIND’s 2018.1 Version of hyperMILL. In parallel to this, WNT will be using the event to give its world premiere to a new tooling line that is set to become the industry benchmark in HPC 5-axis machining. For more details, please contact your local OPEN MIND or WNT representative.

OPEN MIND & WNT Announce 5-axis Event at AMRC OPEN MIND & WNT Announce 5-axis Event at AMRC

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