Tornos MultiSpindle To Get UK Exhibition Debut at MACH

2 January 2018

Tornos MultiSpindle To Get UK Exhibition Debut at MACH

MACH 2018 is just around the corner and Tornos has a real treat for turned parts manufacturers, giving a UK exhibition debut to the MultiSwiss 8X26. If you’re a turned parts manufacturer looking for something to give you a real competitive edge, you need to see the Tornos MultiSwiss 8X26 at MACH. This machine, one of a family of 3 ranging from 14 to 32mm spindle sizes will appear at the Birmingham NEC from the 9th to 13th April on Stand H19-312 alongside a number of new Tornos technologies.

Equipped with eight spindles and eight slides for main operations and accommodating up to three tools per slide, the MultiSwiss 8x26 takes the performance of the MultiSwiss range to a new level, both in terms of complexity and productivity. With eight highly dynamic synchronous motor-spindles and ultra-fast barrel indexing, the new MultiSwiss 8x26 can produce turned parts up to 26mm diameter at staggering productivity levels.

The new MultiSwiss 8X26 incorporates powerful independently operating 11kW motor-spindles that are equipped with a C-axis and counter spindle. Reaching speeds of 8,000rpm in tenths of a second, these advanced motors make a major contribution to performance and productivity. As an option, the machine can be equipped with Y axes to further boost its capabilities. However, the machine is available in three configurations to meet the demands of the end user. This includes the entry level option of working without a Y-axis; the option with three Y-axes for intermediate applications and the compete machine with six Y-axes for the most complex parts. In each machining position, the operator can tailor the speed and machining conditions as required.

From an ergonomic perspective, MultiSwiss machines are as accessible as single-spindle machines and a single-spindle machine operator can quickly become a MultiSwiss operator. As quick to set up as a single-spindle turning machine, the key difference is that the MultiSwiss is at least five times as productive as a single-spindle turning machine. The machine boasts the largest working area on the market and its exceptional accessibility offers real savings when changing over jobs. This concept makes the MultiSwiss as simple to set up as a single-spindle turning machine; the only difference ultimately lies in the number of spindle collets to change. The machine's swarf removal is also excellent, even when the machine is fully equipped with complex tool holders.

Each spindle is equipped with a C-axis and the machine's hydrostatic technology offers exceptional dampening performance when machining. The MultiSwiss can improve surface finishes and extend tools life by an average of 30% and up to 70% in some extreme cases, minimising machine stoppages.

The new MultiSwiss also demonstrates seamless integration with all the necessary peripherals built into the machine design. As standard, the MultiSwiss includes the barfeeder, swarf, oil and dual filtration management system - all housed behind the machine in a compact and neat container. Options such as the oil mist extractor, chip conveyor, fire protection system and high-pressure pump can also be seamlessly integrated into the machine. Integrating all these features at the design stage makes the footprint of the MultiSwiss 8X26 extremely compact.

The counter spindle is mounted on two axes and this means it can work completely independently. Offering up to five tool positions, the MultiSwiss 8x26 can handle even complex operations with two of the five positions providing the option of driven tools. The ultra-dynamic counter spindle with synchronous motor minimises acceleration and deceleration times.

The highly versatile, pre-adjustable quick-change tool holder system developed for MultiSwiss machines makes full use of the ingenious kinematics that focus upon keeping tools close to the workpiece. As a result, the machine can hold up to three tools in each position, making it incredibly flexible. Tornos offers a range of options to meet user preferences and choices and this includes a FANUC CNC system.

As well as demonstrating the industry’s leading turning technology, Tornos will be giving MACH visitors a demonstration of its Industry 4.0-enabling TISIS process monitoring software. The Tornos stand is the place to get a first look at a state-of-the-art automated Tornos production cell to produce, clean, measure and sort machined parts and when necessary, communicate in-process corrections to each machine (closed loop monitoring). Visitors to Tornos’ stand will also experience TISIS live, with Tornos service engineers analysing the status of each connected Tornos machine at MACH 2018. TISIS machine communication and programming software is a manufacturers’ portal to the production efficiencies envisioned by Industry 4.0. Make sure you get a look at the future by visiting the Tornos stand at MACH 2018.

Tornos MultiSpindle To Get UK Exhibition Debut at MACH Tornos MultiSpindle To Get UK Exhibition Debut at MACH Tornos MultiSpindle To Get UK Exhibition Debut at MACH

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